Born, raised and still residing in northern Alberta, Canada, Cookie has always been involved competitively in sports. Basketball was her first love playing at a collegiate level, followed by softball, volleyball and ballet, tap and Jazz dancing as an adult.  Cookie discovered Pickleball 4 1/2 years ago in Arizona. Having never played a racquet sport outside of gym class, Cookie was hesitant to try Pickleball. Once she ventured onto the court she was immediately hooked on the game. She loves the camaraderie, the thrill of tournament play and of course having FUN! Pickleball is a game for all ages and that's what she loves most about this sport!


Cookie has won many medals since securing her first in mixed doubles 3.5 in 2012.  Her most notable achievements have been at the U.S. Open 2016 winning silver in Sr WD Open, gold WD 55-59 and silver Mx 60-64. Other Pickleball highlights have been medaling at Grand Canyon State Games 2014/15/16, Huntsmen World Senior Games 2013/15, Tournament of Champions 2014, USAPA Nationals 2015,  National Senior Games 2015 and Canadian Nationals 2014.  Cookie credits all her successes in Pickleball to having great mentors and to playing with many wonderful partners who enable her to have fun and who she continues to learn from in every match!

Cookies goal for the future is to help promote the growth of Pickleball in both Canada and the United States. She would also love to eventually play in a tournament in which her husband, all her children and her grandchildren were participants. This would certainly foster the belief that Pickleball is a multi-generational game which can be enjoyed by entire families!